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Nolan Couture Sewing Club >>> 8/12/18

Handmade Outfit 3: <<< NolanTec Solutions Technician >>>

Keenan :)

Valley of the Moon T-shirt

-Valley of the Moon embroidery :)


NolanTec Solutions Technician Pant


-Side Vents

-NolanTec Solutions Embroidery 

-Belted :)


Nolan Couture Sewing Club >>> 6/23/18

Handmade Outfit 2: <<< SpaceTec Traveler  >>>

Available on Web 6/24/18

SpaceTec Travel Pant

-Nylon Belted Pant with Mesh Side Pockets :)

-Side Pockets, Mesh Pockets, Rear Pockets

-Nice Ones For Traveling :)

SpaceTec Striped T-shirt

-Striped T-shirt

-Nolan SpaceTec Embroidery :)

SpaceTec Moon Tote

-Mesh Tote Bag

-SpaceTec Moon Patch

-lil Space Bag for you things :)



Nolan Couture Sewing Club >>> 6/16/18

Handmade Outfit 1: <<<Gecko Technician>>>

Available on Web 6/17/19


Gecko Tec Belted Pant w/ Dual Leg Vent

-Nylon Belted Pant with Leg vents 

-2 front pockets 2 rear pockets

-Arizona Space Pant >>>

NolanTec Solutions Pocket T-shirt

-Cotton T-shirt with pocket & embroidery on it

-NolanTec Solutions shirt :)

NolanTec Solutions Technician Bag

-PVC Technicians Bag

-Inside Pocket for lil computer :)

-Space for some tools :)

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